SmilingScarlet is a personal blog that sometimes offers the occasional Mibba related story layout, or even blog layouts. It's run by a Batman obsessed Mexican girl. Want to know more?


The Site

SmilingScarlet was created sometime in November -- or December of 2012. I am hosted by the lovely Three-Words, so far I really like it. I first took some interest when I was an avid user of Quizilla, you know before the site went to shit, which was back in 2006, and 2007. I had a site called AceofKnaves or it's shortened name AoK. I was hosted by Green-skies, but I think she's not on the internet anymore. Though everyone started finding new techniques to make their graphics look better, I was still stuck in my old ways, and eventually I gave up all of that. I left Green-skies and went into a permanent hiatus.

Eventually I got tired of being in hiatus, I wanted my own blog, and I stumbled upon Three-words. Though I was hesitant because my skills in making layouts are shit, but thankfully I found websites that offer templates, so I decided to give it another chance. I'm glad I did. So this is how SmilingScarlet came into being. Hope you enjoy the site!


What exactly is up with the name? Well red happens to be my favorite color, and I really like the name Scarlett, but I wanted to make it a little unique, and thus Scarlet was chosen. Once I chose that name I decided to use it in a Joker fan fiction, she was a crazy bitch that was after Joker's heart. Somehow that story gained a good amount of popularity, and spurred about three sequels. And that my friend is how SmilingScarlet was chosen. It sounds cheesy, I know, but so is Harley Quinn. So I think it fits. Hope you enjoyed the story, ha!

Past Layouts

Though I don't make many layouts, I can still manipulate the crap out of them, and thankfully ms. Mayra has CSS templates that are simply awesome. So here's my first ever layout, in case some of you are curious.