About Me

My name is Deyla. Day-lah. I'm bad with the about-me's, but here's a try. I'm a very proud Mexicana with curly hair and dark brown eyes, I’m also olive-toned and somehow burn first before I tan. Weird shit, yeah. I'm usually donning sharp cat-eyeliner, and some serious highlight.

I enjoy beaches, palm trees, and anything tropical. It goes together with where I grew up, which is surrounded by all of that, and some marshes and swamps. I wouldn’t trade it for any other state, as much as I love the west coast, I will always have a love for the east coast. Though I like the summer, I don’t like what comes with it, i. e. sweat, my hair sticking to the back of my neck, and mosquito’s ha!

I started doing this whole html/css shit around thirteen, or fourteen when Quizilla was still popular. I'm self-taught, and try my best to improve of course. These days you can find me on Mibba either writing, or creating an aesthetic to appease my ever-changing tastes. I began the 'writing' thing when I was also thirteen, I've been writing since.

When it comes to music; I'm open-minded. I listen to just about everything, minus country. I'm not too big of a fan. But for the most part I listen to rap/hip-hop.

Childish Gambino is my biggest muse, anything he creates I’m all over it like a fat kid on cake. I’m not too sure what it was, but the man has more than just one thing he does. I think that’s what catches my attention, he writes scripts, is an actor, a rapper, a singer I mean he does it all. I guess that’s inspiring as hell because I attempt the same thing. Not entirely on his level, but I do try to maintain a certain amount of creativity. Plus, the man used to rap a lot about how people would call him the white black kid, and that really got to me because growing up, I used to be told I was too white to be Mexican.

Of course, since then, shit’s changed and I no longer think like that, but it stuck with me and it’s why I love Bino so much.

I think that's good on the about me, ha.