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Posted Jun 30, 2018. Filed under . Leave a comment?

Soooo, I should word this as lightly and vaguely as possible, but I had dry spell going on that finally ended and I’m actually okay. But, moving past that TMI let me just say that I’m still super excited that I’m seeing my favorite rapper in September.

I can’t say anything has changed since the last time I got on here. I haven’t been writing because I’ve been working too many hours, and feeling like I’m living out some pages from a story. It’s truly funny, somehow I always get myself into situations that are super entertaining, and help me pass some time. I’m not complaining, the gentleman that’s been keeping me busy is pretty cool, and brown AND he can kind of keep up with my Spanish banter. Sooo, it’s lit shit.

As the title of the blog suggests, I’m not out here looking for love.

Also I joined the gym a few weeks ago and have actually been enjoying it. I kind of pushed myself a little too hard the other day, though, on leg presses. I went up from 175lbs to 190 thinking that I could. I really don’t know why I thought I could, so my bad knee’s been kind of hurting so I took a few days off from going.

That’s where I’m at currently.


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