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Bad Bunny

Posted Jun 2, 2018. Filed under . Leave a comment?

I’m not sure whether I’ve talked about it at all, but I’m in love with Bad Bunny, like before I kind of did not like him but after hearing Krippy Kush, WELP. I’m now addicted and cannot stop. I’ve been working on blogging a lot more, just because I’m still dealing with aftermath of my horrible ass relationship, and I’d rather talk and blog about something else than focus on that bullshit, so here I am.

I went to Megacon not too long ago, and oh my lord, it was amazing! I didn’t go fully dressed up, I just wore jeans, black shirt, and purple contacts. Simple, I was celebrating everyone else’s cosplays, because oh my lordt! They were amazing! Ugh, so yeah let me get back to this Bad Bunny thing. So, at first, I was not attracted to him at all and just:

I don’t know how to deal. Like this man came into my life and he will not leave, so naturally I am now thirst-following on Instagram, and I’ve gotten a few of his songs now. He is six-foot-something, and has Boricua swag. Just mess me up man!


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