I Saw

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I saw Childish Gambino for the first time in my life, and omg, I swear it was an experience for the books! I went with my little sister and we met up one of my friends I met online, and it just turned out to be the greatest moments of my life. My sister got so many recordings of me screaming my head off I was so happy! I was also sad, though, because he announced that this was his last tour.

He’s retiring Childish Gambino, and oh Lord. I am so sad, but so freakin’ happy that I got to experience that. I cried at some point because he’s just so talented and so amazing.

Yeah right, yeah right

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I’ve been listening to a lot of Joji Miller lately—otherwise known as Pink Guy/Filthy Frank—and I’ve been feeling that deep in my soul. Without getting into it too much I’m scared because of my health and other things, and I’m just hoping shit will be okay.

Also, I hate that I’m feeling so depressed lately, like I really just want to be better.

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