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Different Spark

Posted Feb 11, 2019. Filed under . Leave a comment?

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So I went up to downtown Atlanta to visit a friend and I fell in love out there. It was nice and so cold! I haven’t been doing too much other than working and trying to catch up on sleep. I should be sleeping now, but here we are. My new year is calm and I’m hoping for it to stay that way. My sisters and I are looking to going to more cons, and I’m really itching to know what my actual ancestry is. I know it’s honestly a waste of time—mainly because I know what I currently am, and that’s just Mexican—but part of me wants to know and find out, and now that I have that opportunity, shit I’d love to do it!

I’m also hoping for a trip to Cali next year and visit the Winchester mansion out in San Jose. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Happy New Year’s!

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It’s a new year! Hopefully this one isn’t bad or anything like that. I’m making short goals to try and get myself a little more focused, but nothing too crazy.

I hope 2019 is amazing for all of you as well!

La La

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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! It has been a good one. I keep coming back to this site and thinking I could be putting something up, and I might. I might just do little things like little signatures here and there, as far as layouts? I don’t think I’d be able to, only because on writing sites like Mibba…I don’t think it would matter. When I say layouts, I mean for stories. I’m not too sure but I do need to actually put something up. I wouldn’t mind being able to offer some nice graphics to people.

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