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Adventure of a Lifetime

Posted Mar 14, 2017. Filed under . Leave a comment?

Everything is new now. I have a new job and I like it, it’s definitely is overwhelming—like any other hotel job—but I’m glad to have my benefits back. I get some pretty awesome discounts on hotel rooms if I decide to travel. Which is exactly what I’m going to do in July when I go to Washington state. I’m happy again, like really happy. I only have one person to thank for that, and I pray to God it works out because I won’t know what to do if it doesn’t.

Life with this man is something else, and an adventure of a lifetime. That is what he is. Forget paradise, this is an adventure of a lifetime.

P. S. I’ll be taking down my Mibba content as I no longer am on that site.


Posted Feb 22, 2017. Filed under . Leave a comment?

I’ve really been listening to Alicia Keys lately and I keep wondering why I haven’t really listened to her from the beginning. Some of her music is very relate-able to me, right now at least. So things with my man are going as smoothly as could be with two people who are scared to try again. I got a call for a hotel interview tomorrow and I hope that I can get this job. I really do. I need steadier hours and more familiar territory.

Please let me get this job, and I hope to God that things work out well.

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