Call Me

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I’ve been replaying that Kevin Little song all day long today. Yo…can’t help but say it describes my situation. I hate to say it, but I miss this fool and I shouldn’t at all. I’m so hesitant to see him this coming Monday, I really am. I told myself that this wouldn’t happen, but…here we are.


The Universe; It’s All in Me

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Yooooooooooo! Have you all heard Ariana’s new single? “God is a Woman”? I cannot get enough of it! Not to get too political on this blog and everything, but I am all for female singers and expressing female sexual liberation. It is empowering as hell, and the song is super freakin’ catchy too.

I recently celebrated my 26th birthday, I wound up with a friend sleeping over their house because I got way too drunk. I’m so not doing that ever again, but I got to do karaoke, so that was fun. I was a little bummed because I had to work on my birthday but that’s alright. I didn’t do much anyway.

Now back to the song, so the video itself was just so aesthetically pleasing but I think the one that REALLY got to me, like really stuck out to me was this part of the song.

Like hello, we’re bringing liberation to ALL. Like UGH. Goosebumps, lol.

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